The Australian BBQ is a huge tradition in our culture. We love them and they’ll always be an integral part of any backyard, and because we love them so much we’re constantly adding, improving and improving the way we BBQ. Australians are now designing them into their homes to create the ultimate entertaining area…outdoor kitchens.

Creating an outdoor kitchen will expand your living space and allow you to cook, eat and entertain, and a well-designed outdoor kitchen should allow you to enjoy cooking outside all year round.

Today modern outdoor kitchens are becoming very sophisticated and serves as a place to enjoy cooking and eating food while entertaining family and friends. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor weather while having the comforts of your indoor space.

The most significant difference between indoor and outdoor kitchen is the exposure to the weather, so here are a few tips for creating an outdoor kitchen that is easy to use and wow the friends.

The cooker

The centerpiece of any kitchen indoor or out. The cooker will be the big-ticket appliance on your wish list, so consider investing in a high-end model. High-quality stainless steel provides a surface that’s easily cleaned and corrosion-resistant, not to mention a clean stylish finish. Counters and worktops should be highly resistant to grease stains and able to withstand high temperatures.

Dining area

Whether you opt for a casual or more formal setting, a dining area is an important part of the al fresco experience. Rain, wind, even extra-sunny days can hamper your outside dinning, so I strongly suggest you consider protection from the elements. A good idea and if budget allows, extend the roof over one wall to create an enclosed space and protect your appliances and dinning furniture.

Counters and worktops

Outdoor worktops mean you can prepare food outside rather than hurrying back and forth between your inside kitchen and barbecue area. If you are looking to make a big investment in your outdoor kitchen, you may also want to add a sink, however this will require additional plumbing.


Wiring your outdoor kitchen so that it has an under-the-counter fridge is a great way of making cooking easier and providing better access to cold drinks, food and other refrigerated items. Power sockets can also be fitted for docking stations, TVs and other outdoor entertainment.

Storage space

Don’t miss the basics when designing your outdoor kitchen. Along with picking the right cooker and benchtops, plan for storage and organisational necessities; such as pullout rubbish bins, draws for utensils, cleaning products and plates etc. It is important to purchase sturdy cabinets that will hold up to the elements.


For flooring I would suggest sealed pavers, concrete works or decking. The easier the kitchen is to clean and maintain the more you will want to use it. Patio or decking material should be highly resistant to grease stains and able to withstand high temperatures.

For a luxury touch add music and an entertainment station and adequate lighting to accommodate after-dark cooking and entertaining for a relaxing ambiance. Nothing tastes as good as a meal done with love on a barbeque. Incorporating an outdoor kitchen is also a great way to add versatility, value and fun to your home.

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