For many people a house is the single largest purchase they’ll make in their lifetime and getting all the steps from viewing to purchase is pretty important. A building inspection is an essential step before the purchase of a new home or investment property.

Your builder will let you know if you’re about to buy a lemon of a house or can warn you about potential problems, but you need to get a licenced building inspector to carry out the inspection and following report. He provides an independent review of the property and is not influenced by any other factors and gets paid whether or not the sale goes through.

Unlike lenders and real estate agents who make a profit when the sale closes. Knowing as much as you can about the condition of the property before you buy will help you avoid problems and extra costs down the track.

Why do you need one?

There are three good reasons why you should get a building inspection report done before you buy a property:

1. You’re made aware of any problems, big or small
2. If there are problems you can use the information to try and negotiate a lower price for the property
3. Get specialist advice about any major problems and how they will affect the property over time.

What does a building report cover?

Your builder will give you an inspection report on some or all of the following:

Roof space and sub-floor (to check for structural damage)
Footings (the base of foundation walls)
Window space (to ensure your windows are adequately sealed)
Report any features of the house that do not meet current regulations, including illegal extensions or alterations to the property

You should always use a  licenced building inspector,  surveyor or an architect to provide a professional building inspection report of the property you’re thinking of buying. The professionals will know what to look for and will see through any cosmetic improvements covering up faults that might otherwise be missed by an untrained eye.

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