What do structural engineers do? Structural engineers design, create, solve problems and innovate. They’re involved at every stage of a structure’s build and play an important part in design and construction.

A great deal of what structural engineers do involves designing mega structures like  buildings, bridges, tunnels etc. However your local structural engineer will work primarily as a consultant working with architects and builders to design and ensure that the structure can be built and is stable and durable.

The process starts with the architect or design-builder coming up with a building layout. It’s then the structural engineer’s responsibility to understand the effects of loads and stresses for the building caused by possible climate conditions, thus choosing the right building materials for the build and structure.

The structural systems may include steel, concrete, masonry, wood and other materials from which the engineer selects beams and columns that make up the building support. You could use the human body as a comparable to a building. Structural engineers would be the professionals that design the skeleton so that the body can support its weight.

What structural engineers get involved with?

  • Design
    Play an active role in the design phase of a construction by determining its structural integrity and inspect structures both during and after construction to ensure that they are properly constructed and all safety standards are met.
  • Construction
    As construction gets underway structural engineers can also serve as site inspectors and help to implement designs. They’ll be expected to communicate technical data to construction engineers and project managers.

The work of structural engineers is also very closely linked to public safety, they must be registered in order to demonstrate and carry out their abilities. Generally speaking a registered engineer would have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and at least four years experience working with a registered engineer. Be sure to check his credentials.

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