Residential Property

Client: Roy and Janice Willer
Location: Cronin Island, Gold Coast

This was a 9 month project involving stripping the house down to the frame and remodeling. Working closely with the architect and the owners on a design and construct basis, the house evolved into a great asset for its owners.

With the large amount of timber-work involved; a close management was kept on the quality of workmanship, resulting in the spectacular quality achieved. The finishes were 2nd to none and combined with the new layout-design, the owners ended up with a house that was raved about by many people involved in the high end market on the Gold Coast.

The client now has the property envied by many involved in the high end property market of the Gold Coast.

“… both Janice and I would like to place on record our satisfaction with the final outcome…truly fantastic and admired by all who see this home.”

Brad’s friendly and thorough attitude was of great help with this major project and we look forward to maintaining the friendship which has developed.”