The general consensus in the building industry is that the faster you go on a building site, the worse the job will be. This is just not true. These days with the latest technology and good builders, you don’t have to sacrifice speed to do a quality job.

The most popular question when speaking with client is “how quickly can you finish the job”? In most cases the build has to be done as quickly as possible, the client is on a deadline.

However there is a limit to how fast builders can go. Be careful as some builders will promise the world to secure the contract. You don’t want your builder to cut corners just to reach a deadline.

As the customer you might think you want to hear your builder say, “As soon as possible”. However the reality is the builder will give you a false sense of hope just to secure the contract.

What you want to hear is. “We can complete your build reasonably fast and still provide a good quality job”.

The client always needs the job done tomorrow. And that is understandable. The client has been thinking and planning this build for quite some time.

They now want it built. The longer it takes to build, the longer the customer is paying for it somewhere else.

As the builder the important thing is to make sure you plan for a reasonable amount of time for construction. If the builder promises a quick turnaround, while this might seem good in theory. You run the risk of the builder cutting corners to fit your time frame, which will cause problems down the line.

So, what is a reasonable time frame?

Obviously that depends on the size and the complexity of the building, but as a guide an average size building of around:

• 1,500m² would take around six months to construct

• For a larger project, say around 2,500m², you’re probably looking at around nine months as a reasonable time for construction

• For a smaller project between 300m² to 500m² you’re looking at around four months

The building process of a home usually takes between three and four months to reach completion, however it can sometimes take up to six months, depending on the weather, construction supply delays and any requested customer design changes that are implemented along the way.

These time frames are just a guide and it will depend on the details of your project, but when you’re planning for the construction this should be a reasonable time frame.

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