Commercial inspections are completed for properties like apartment complexes, motels, office buildings, retail stores and warehouses. A licenced building inspector evaluates the major systems of the property and the visible structural components of the property.

When investing in a major complex, or commercial real estate, commercial building inspections are just as important and a residential building and pest inspection, however on a larger scale.

Commercial building inspectors are often called in prior to a purchase to help satisfy any concerns the buyer may have about the building they’re looking to secure. Much like a residential building and pest inspection, they are there to inspect and identify any immediate maintenance issues, inspect for structural damage or suggest building improvements.

Commercial building inspectors are all highly experienced and licenced in their fields, and in all aspects of commercial builds with many being engineers or architects.

For buyers it’s a wise decision wanting to protect their investment, especially due to the risks involved in such a big purchase. But what exactly takes place during a building inspection?

What commercial building inspections consist of?

• Building structure and foundation inspections
• Roof condition and remaining life
• ADA accessibility
• Check electrical panels and wiring
• Suggest tenant improvements
• Look at pavement systems
• Inspect plumbing fixtures and piping
• Inspect heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
• Elevators and conveyance systems
• Landscape, irrigation, site grading and drainage
• Building inspectors look for moisture or the existence of dampness
• The most obvious thing is the condition of the property. This covers structural stability and any evidence of a weak or cracked foundation

What a building inspector might find:

• Poorly designed layout of building
• Improper maintenance or worn systems
• Equipment nearing the end of its life
• Building code violations
• Poor workmanship

Why you need a commercial building inspection:

• Get peace of mind before investing in a commercial property
• Discover any hidden faults you may not have budgeted for
• Know if the building complies with commercial building regulations

Whether you are a building owner, property manager, leasing agent, lender or tenant, you have to have a building that is compliant with all OH&S laws.

So before you make your next purchase get a commercial building inspector to give it an appraisal to save yourself possible major headaches down the track.

Commercial builders are not qualified to carry out a building inspection, however commercial builders can give you advice and industry knowledge to point you in the right direction.

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