If recycling office waste, reusing existing furniture and automatic lights were adopted globally, it would have an enormous impact on the environment.

The focus on going green is bigger than ever, and rightly so. – Just a few office adjustments can have a dramatic impact on resources used, money spent and mostly importantly, saving the environment.

With subtle changes your office or shop can reduce electricity and save you money. Most people are aware of the ever increasing demands to meet energy and carbon reduction targets and now world leading manufacturers of low energy lighting technologies are delivering large reductions in energy use.

Which are now being filtered down to offices, shops and restaurants for the supply and installation of low maintenance hard wearing energy saving electrical solutions.

Supply and installation

Just a few adjustments in the supply and installation of your products will not only save your bottom line, but will also save the environment.

When companies talk about sustainability, carbon offsets or zero-emissions, for the most part it’s a very good thing – it means our environmental consciousness is growing and environmental considerations are starting to play a part in our decision making.

Going green is also starting to gain momentum in the building industry (for example, the creation of the Green Building Council) but this can leave clients facing mountains of technical information, choices and costs associated with “greening” their office space.

For me, it is about making clients aware of the good environmental choices available, the benefits that can flow from making these choices and their cost.

Going green is about introducing systems, processes and products into our office designs that consume fewer natural resources, save energy, reduce waste and minimise pollutants.

Check out these 12 tips to going green for your next office fit out or shop:

  • Invest in plasterboard partitions that use EC08 plasterboard
  • Always choose the energy efficient white goods (energy star rating)
  • Recycled office furniture or all new furniture is GECA-certified
  • The latest in lighting technology using motion sensors
  • Window blinds with a VLT (visible light transmission)
  • Lighting on all timers when people are in the office and when no one is around
  • Lots of green juicy plants to help improve the quality of indoor air and over all look of the office
  • Office design that maximizes natural light
  • Painting using low VOC
  • Reuse and adaption of existing furniture and joinery instead of buying  new
  • Use eco-friendly supplies for the times when using paper is unavoidable, use recycled paper or even paper made from sustainable sources such as bamboo or hemp to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Go digital with nearly everything is digital anyway, but massive savings on paper and ink can be made by avoiding printing out meeting agendas or memos and emailing them instead

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