With our increasingly hectic lifestyles, convenience and sociability have become key and that is why shared space for living, cooking and eating has become the heart of the modern home. Kitchens, dining rooms and games rooms have grown in popularity and become one. Today’s modern family needs space that is functional and good looking.

To make the most of a large room think about dividing the space into different zones – give each area of your room a distinct purpose. The relaxing area would consist of a sofa and TV; the practical zone could be your workspace with a desk and shelving and the eating zone would have a dining table and chairs for family meal times. All separate areas yet linked to the rest of your home.

Avoid dark colours and paint walls in pale tones that will expand and give light to your room. Painting your ceilings white gives the illusion of high ceilings; it also helps to enhance the feeling of space. Go for colours that are timeless soft whites or neutral shades. Choose furniture from a similar colour palette for your zones around the house.

Use a few large-scale items of furniture to mark out your room’s zones – lots of small pieces can look disorderly. Furniture can be cleverly used to break up an area — with pieces such as storage cabinets being used as a room divider. Go for smart pieces of furniture that have a mix of open shelving and concealed storage space so that you can view the television, display books and a few favourite accessories (IKEA are the master of these storage and viewing solutions). Stow away more day-to-day items in drawers and cupboard space.

Useful tips for open plan designs:

1. Don’t go knocking any walls down without taking advice from a structural engineer.
2. Keep large archways, sliding doors or bi-folding doors.
3. Try to incorporate alcoves into your living space, these can be very useful for storage or create a quiet reading area with a big comfy sofa.

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