Your office is a reflection of your brand and sets the scene for your employees and visitors. So how it is designed can really portray your professionalism to visitors and influence your team’s workflow and productivity potential.

Many companies these days are choosing to refurbish their offices rather than relocate. Why? The big deciding factor is money. It is cheaper to do an office refurb then relocate (unless space is an issue, then you really need to think about moving).

Over time as companies grow and evolve so does the operational needs, aesthetic and design, which means an upgrade is inevitable. In addition to improving your working environment for your employees, an office refurb can help create an office that brings your brand image to life.

Many companies use their offices as an extension of their brand, so by having an office refresh you are creating an environment that conveys your values and identity to staff, clients and investors.

Steps to take for a planning an office refurbishment.

Matching your office to your online brand

Having a sleek, dynamic and forward thinking website may conflict with your outdated office, office furniture, blue tile carpet and white partition walls. Best to update to match your online presence.

Get a designer

If you are not familiar with interior office design, you will be amazed at the possibilities available for an office refurbishment. These possibilities might include non-standard-shaped furniture to maximize floor space, low-hanging ceilings for space-saving cable management, or a mezzanine floor for extra space.

During the planning stage, a designer will focus on flexibility and the future growth of your company; this will allow the office to adapt to any changes in the future.

A commercial office refurbishment is not something that can be rushed, so it is critical that you allow plenty of time to explore the different options for your company, plan the details of the project and source the right company to work with.


There is no set-in-stone timeframe to adhere to and in most cases an office refurbishment can require no downtime with your business staying open, much like living in a house while your renovate.

Downtime of a business is loss of money so with the right builder, proactive planning, out of hours works, delivering a refurbishment can be done while your business stays open.


What is the motivation for refurbishing your company’s office space? There are many reasons why companies refurbish their business and it is essential you clearly understand your company’s motivations for refurbishing its office interiors.

Find out to see how we can help you with your next office refurb or fit out. If you are interested in keeping it environmentally friendly check out my blog Office fit outs: 12 tips to going green.

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