If you’re looking at either a new build or a renovation with the focus on floors your choices are most likely to be wood or tiles. Should you choose tile or timber is the agonizing decision.  Do you go for the durability of a tile or timeless beauty of timber?  While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, choosing between the two can be a tough call.

Timber floors

There are lots of great wood options on the market today. Everything from budget solid wood to top of the range engineered wood flooring; even recycled timber has become very popular. Check out the pros and cons to timber flooring.

Timber flooring: Cons

  • If scratches will drive you crazy, don’t get hardwood. Timber is more likely to dent and scratch, especially if you have small children or a dog
  • Maintenance will require you to mop up any water that gets spilled immediately and vacuum regularly to prevent scratches
  • Wood and water don’t mix, if there is any potential for bad water damage especially with pre-finished hardwood, opt for tiles
  • May not be able to stand the test of time if you have kids
  • Timber fades over time from sunlight

Timber flooring: Pros

  • Highly affordable
  • It’s available in a whole host of grades, colour sizes to create any sort of interior look
  • Re-sand and re-finish your floor several times throughout its lifespan
  • Warm under your feet
  • Looks great


Tiles are a great flooring choice for any room. It not only looks clean and elegant, it’s also very durable and very easy to maintain. While tiles are suitable in all rooms, it may not be for everybody. Before you decide on what type of flooring to have installed, consider the below pros and cons.

Tile flooring: Cons

  • Standing on it for long periods can be tough on feet
  • Grout will discolor easily and look dirty if you don’t seal the grout each year (my pet hate)
  • Most grouts require sealing while specialty grouts like epoxy and furans do not. If the grout darkens with water, it needs a sealer
  • May chip or crack and most things will shatter when dropped

Tile flooring: Pros

  • If tile has been glazed it will last a life time when maintained properly
  • Best flooring to with stand water
  • Tiles are nontoxic
  • Excellent for those who suffer from allergies
  • Great for homes with pets, capable of withstanding dog’s nails
  • Many types to choose from including ceramic, porcelain, quarry and marble

So how do you decide?

Let where you live decided. If you live in Queensland and typically enjoy warmer summers and lovely winters, you should consider ceramic tiles to keep your home cool.

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